• #1 - Rick’s Cantina Closing
  • #2 - Community Wall-To-Wall Over Walmart
  • #3 - Day Care Center Board Responds To Slur Complaints
  • #4 - Judge Sentences ‘Parasite’
  • #5 - ‘From The Heart’


  • Key To Marriage: Stay Together
  • Wheels Keep On Turnin’
  • Eastern Mennonite To Offer Adult Piano Lessons
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  • August 23rd 1:49am
    Uncle Sam Could Do Better

    The Aug. 11 Open Forum article by Thornton Parker paints a very rosy picture. In 2010, Uncle Sam gave the residents of Rockingham County about $650 million by his calculation.

  • August 23rd 1:45am
    A General’s Farewell

    WASHINGTON — I’ve observed many funerals over the last decade in Arlington National Cemetery’s Section 60, where war dead from Iraq and Afghanistan are buried. Last week I went for what, God willing, was the last.

  • August 23rd 1:42am
    The 10 Cannots

    Twenty-one years ago, in mid-August 1993, an orthopedic surgeon named George White penned a simple yet clear missive to The Winchester Star, the DN-R’s sister paper to our north, outlining a sound philosophy for how men should think that applies not just to Americans in their everyday lives, but as well to the elected officials with whom we entrust the public weal. We repeat this piece each year as a reminder.


  • Community Wall-To-Wall Over Walmart

    TIMBERVILLE — So many people turned up to share their opinion on a proposed Timberville Walmart that a speaker was put outside for the more than 100 people who couldn’t get into the Plains District Community Center due to fire code. Read More

  • Clover Hill Attack: Shooting Suspect In Court

    HARRISONBURG — Attorneys argued several motions Friday in the case against a Richmond man accused of killing a Clover Hill convenience store owner, but a trial date remains to be set. Read More

  • ‘From The Heart’

    HARRISONBURG — Shelley and Vic Boyers took the plunge together — twice. Read More

  • Fair Days

  • 4 Hopefuls Vie For Council

    SHENANDOAH — A special election to fill a vacant seat on the Shenandoah Council has turned into a four-way contest. Read More

  • Investigators: Meth Ring Had No Competition

    HARRISONBURG — Five people were sentenced in U.S. District Court in Harrisonburg this week for distributing methamphetamine in the area, with four heavily involved in the largest conspiracy to hit the Valley. Read More

  • Judge Sentences ‘Parasite’

    HARRISONBURG — Mark Daniel Hensley is no stranger to Rockingham County Circuit Court, having a seemingly continuous criminal history going on nearly two decades. Read More

  • Day Care Center Board Responds To Slur Complaints

    HARRISONBURG — Staff at Roberta Webb Child Care Center have gone through a mandatory sensitivity training after the organization received complaints that some of its employees had used racial slurs in conversations with and around parents and children. Read More

  • Dayton Encouraging ‘Makeover’

    DAYTON — Looking to spruce up downtown, Dayton is seeking applicants for its new façade enhancement grant. Read More

  • McAuliffe To Make Area Visit

    HARRISONBURG — Cave View Farms will be in the spotlight again next week as an agricultural operation that uses best-management practices to protect the environment. Read More

  • Augusta Investigating Apparent Murder-Suicide

    HARRISONBURG — The Augusta County Sheriff’s Office is investigating what it believes was a murder-suicide in Verona late Thursday. Read More

  • Mental Health Author To Speak At New Market Library

    In support of her book, “A Child of Royalty,” author Diana Ketterman will share her personal story of mental illness and discuss community treatment options. Read More

  • Teen Director Eyes Film Club

    WOODSTOCK — As summer winds down, Stephen French Jr. is gearing up for the upcoming school year. Read More

  • Up To The Challenge

  • Why A 1 p.m. Start?

  • NEW: Mickey: ESPN Next

    Former JMU football coach Mickey Matthews says he'll be doing ESPN games this season, starting next week with an ESPN3 broadcast. Read More

  • BUSINESS JOURNAL: Valley Tourism: It’s A Natural

    HARRISONBURG — Many people choose to live in the Shenandoah Valley because of its natural beauty. Read More


  • Kids Might Play Big Role

    HARRISONBURG — While the rest of the team laced up their cleats before Friday’s practice at University Park, a group of about 10 James Madison soccer players kicked around a ball in a circle. Read More

  • Hoops Too, Shane?

    HARRISONBURG – Shane Brown was considering buying a throwback Raiders jersey of his favorite player Bo Jackson, who famously played both professional football and baseball at an all-star level. Read More

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