Browser Tricks, Part 2

Posted: February 12, 2013

Double Clicks

Last week, we looked at a couple browser tricks. That column was well received, so let’s look at a few more.
For quite a long while now, typing “www.” or “.com” has not been necessary in most web addresses /URLs. If you type the main domain name, for example, “dnronline” your browser’s address bar, and then press the Ctrl/Enter keys, your browser will automatically fill in the “www.” or “.com”.
In the same way, Shift/Enter gives you the “.net” and Ctrl/Shift/Enter yields the “.org” addresses. Add the Alt key to any of the above three combinations, and pages will open in a new tab in your browser.
Here are more Ctrl key combos and how they work in most browsers:
Do you ever have a hard time seeing text or graphics on a web page? If so, try the Ctrl/+ combo, which will make the page larger. Oops, have you made the page too big? Use the Ctrl/- keys to zoom out. Finally, to return to the default size, use Ctrl/ø. (The zero character.)
Here are some more:
- Ctrl/T: Opens a new tab
- Ctrl/N: Opens a new window
- Ctrl/Tab: View the next tab
- Ctrl/Shift/Tab: View the previous tab
- Ctrl/Left click (or middle click) on a link: Opens the linked page in new tab
- Ctrl/F: Search for text on the page
- Ctrl/R (or the “F5” key): Refresh the current web page
- Ctrl/I: Open your favorites
- Ctrl/D: Save a web page to Favorites
- Ctrl/H: Lists pages visited, or browser history
(Note: The above combinations are not case-sensitive).
Here are a few more for you to check out:
To move to the top of the page you are viewing, press the Home key. You can enter the End key to move to the bottom of a page.
Try the Backspace key when browsing multiple pages; it will go back one. Use the Shift/Backspace keys to move forward a page.
If you are reading a large article and want more reading room and fewer buttons, try the “F11” key. (An actual key, not a combo). To bring back the buttons and toolbars, press “F11” again.
Type “?” into your URL/address bar and press Enter. It will take you to your default search engine.
Here’s a Google trick for a single site search: To search only one site on the Internet for text, enter the search term(s) surrounded by double quote marks, then a space, “site:” and the site address.
For example, to search for this column on the site, go to and enter “browser tricks” For this trick to work, you must include double quotes around the text for which you are searching or your results may not be accurate.

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