Piecing It Together

Bridgewater Woman Releases Third Quilting Book

Posted: August 2, 2013

Bridgewater local Barbara Cline says quilting has forged and strengthened bonds between her family members. (Photo by Katie King/DN-R)
Barbara Cline of Bridgewater has traveled to states including Kentucky, South Carolina and Kansas promoting her three quilting books. (Photo by Katie King/DN-R)
During a quilting session, one can expect to learn about more than sewing. As lifelong quilter Barbara Cline points out, sitting side-by-side with others for hours encourages conversation.

It was while sitting within a sewing circle that she heard stories of her mother’s mischievous childhood adventures, such as the time she disobeyed her older sister and walked through tar, as well as details about her niece’s new artist studio.

In the rare case there’s ever a lull in conversation, Cline says she has one sister who can always be counted on to spark things up.

“She will just throw out a random question, like what was your most embarrassing moment?” she said. “And then that will lead to lots of different stories.”

Pieced Together

According to Cline, quilting has helped strengthen her family’s bond.

“It helped my children make a connection with my sisters that otherwise never would have happened,” she said.

Of course, before a family can bond over quilting, many of its members need to know how to quilt. Luckily, this is not a problem for Cline’s family, who come from a long line of quilters.

“Fabric has always been a part of my life,” she remarked, adding that her parents owned The Clothing Line — a fabric store in Dayton, now known as Patchwork Plus.

Sharing Her Gift

While Cline knew quilting would always be an important part of her life, she never expected it to lead to multiple book deals.

“I’m not an English major to any degree,” she admitted.

Since 2010, however, Cline has been on a writing role, publishing three sewing guidebooks. Her third, “Diamond Chain Quilts,” was released this July.

According to Cline, the book is intended for intermediate to advanced quilters, and is divided into three main sections.

“The first chapter is Diamonds in a Triangular Layout, the second is Diamonds in a Square Layout and the next is Diamonds in a Diamond Layout,” she explained.

Due to her books’ popularity, Cline now receives invitations to speak at quilting guilds all over the States, including Kentucky, South Carolina and Kansas.

Cline says she greatly enjoys interacting with her fellow quilters.

“[The talks are] all fun to do, you meet such a variety of people,” she said.

“It gets me in with the quilters and lets me share my passion for quilting with others.”

Cline also enjoys receiving feedback from her readers.

“Sometimes, I get emails with pictures of quilts they made from my books,” she remarked. “It’s very satisfying.”

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Books By Cline

“Diamond Chain Quilts,” “Star Struck Quilts” and “Simply Triangles” feature quilts that can be done using a single stitch sewing machine.

To purchase a book, or for more information about her workshops, call Cline at 828-6815, visit delightfulpiecings.com, stop by Patchwork Plus in Dayton or Sew Classic Fabrics in Harrisonburg.

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