‘Dusty’ Bids Adieu

After 23 years, Mount Sidney Antique Shop To Close Doors

Posted: October 23, 2012

Dusty's Antique Market in Mount Sidney, seen here Oct. 17, will close at the end of October. (Photo by Candace Sipos)

If you visit Dusty’s Antique Market on U.S. 11 in Mount Sidney and ask for Dusty, a kind-faced, white-haired man behind the counter might claim to be him.

But he’d be lying.

So who’s the real Dusty?

“Nobody,” Keith Miller, of Bridgewater, explained Wednesday, while loading up his truck with wood furniture in an attempt to empty the building.

Although “Dusty” is a concocted character, the shop has become a staple in the community over the past 23 years.

But the business will close its doors at the end of October.

It was “the girls” — Miller’s wife, Barbara, and his brother Richard Miller’s wife, Rachel — who came up with the store’s name.

The team of four, along with Keith Miller’s friend and attorney, Jack Depoy, have been business partners for more than two decades but decided about a month ago to call it quits.

“We’re all getting old,” Keith Miller, 69, said. “It’s time to settle up. … And we all want more time to do other things.”

The group got into antiquing as more of a hobby than a livelihood; many of the members worked at the shop as a second job.

“I didn’t know a thing about antiques,” Keith Miller said, but he’s picked up on tricks of the trade along the way, including not overpaying for goods.

He’s bought from peoples’ homes, vendors, local auctions and even from residents pulling up to the front of the building to sell their used treasures. Although a good portion of the shop’s for-sale items are his, the majority come from vendors who rent out divided spaces.

It’s those people — and, of course, the customers — who Keith Miller wants to reach out to.

“We just want to thank our customers,” he said. “And we’ve had all good vendors.”

The building, which the group owns, has not been listed yet, though “For Sale” signs have been posted.  

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