City Schools: Holiday Bonus On Tap?

Final Approval Expected At Council Meeting Tuesday

Posted: November 8, 2012

HARRISONBURG — City Schools employees are on track to receive what Harrisonburg School Board Chairwoman Kerri Wilson said is a “nice Christmas present” from the division this year.

A resolution approved Tuesday by the board will ask City Council to allocate $912,872 from the city’s general fund for the division to provide a bonus for school employees.

Full-time staffers would receive $1,000 and part-time staff members would receive $500.

Superintendent Scott Kizner anticipates the council will approve the request at its next meeting on Tuesday.

“We thank the City Council for their support,” Kizner said in a statement. “This is well-spent money in light [of the fact] that our staff did not receive any salary increases [this year].”

According to the resolution, the one-time stipend “will demonstrate the board’s appreciation for the work, dedication, and contributions of its employees to the school division.”

To be eligible for the bonus, employees had to be with the division as of Nov. 1 in a full- or part-time position.

“In this last year, we haven’t been able to support raises,” Wilson said. “It helps morale.”

If approved by council, employees would receive the bonus in December.

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