Holidays Come To Town

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Posted: December 22, 2012

Most memorable moments ... Favorite traditions It's just not the holidays until ... What's at the top of your list
“The year my parents bought a little cast iron stove…I still have it. That was probably 50 years ago.” (Photo by Aimee George)
“When my dad surprised me with a bass guitar.” (Photo by Aimee George)
“One year, my uncle gave my mom and I tickets to see ‘The Nutcracker’ in New York.” (Photo by Aimee George)
“My siblings and I sleep in my parents’ room, watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ and take a picture on the stairs together.” (Photo by Aimee George)
“Fried oysters!” (Photo by Aimee George)
Gifts and presents that are useful." (Photo by Aimee George)
“… Christmas music starts playing.” (Photo by Aimee George)
“… the tree is up.” (Photo by Aimee George)
“The Charlie Brown Christmas special comes on TV.” (Photo by Aimee George)
“A steady source of income would be nice.” (Photo by Aimee George)
“Money for travel.” (Photo by Aimee George)
“A new bike seat! Mine is incredibly uncomfortable.” (Photo by Aimee George)
We had Christmas on the mind as we strolled around downtown Harrisonburg
to ask members of the community about their seasonal favorites.

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