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Posted: March 26, 2013

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Recently, I took the plunge and moved to Microsoft’s latest Office version blandly, yet appropriately, named “Office 2013.”

Thus far, my evaluation leans toward … “Yawn.” It still has the feel of Microsoft Office you’re accustomed to — with a new look, and a few added bells and whistles. The program performs as well as the previous version and saves to the cloud a little easier.

Today, I’ll look at the Word portion and — if, this week, there is enough feed back showing interest — I will follow with Excel, PowerPoint and some of the other apps.

One change I really appreciate in Word is the new “Read Mode” look. If you have more than a passing interest in reading a large document, this is a good option.

The read only mode in itself is nothing new; however, this version looks much better and is significantly easier to read.

In the previous versions, the document changed into a two-page or column-type view. In Word 2013, if you click the small book-like icon on the lower right-hand side of the screen, the document pops off the page. The words appear larger, darker and clearer than before.

Another feature in this mode — which I accidentally found — is enlargement when you double click an object such as a table, picture, etc. This gives a precise and higher quality view of the object.

Now, if you are a PDF user, creator or reader here is one of the best new features of Word 2013. A PDF document can not only be opened in Word, but edited as well.

Though I was skeptical at first, now that I’ve given it a shot, I’m convinced. I have opened several PDFs in Word and edited them by adding or removing words and graphics, moving paragraphs and saving the file.

Edits aside, the two PDFs are identical. What’s even better is you can choose to save it as a regular Word file or as a PDF. Such an option is amazing when considering licensing requirement that must have been needed from Adobe (the creators of the PDF format). If you rely on PDFs, this feature is one you’ll love in Office 2013.

The current retail cost for Office 2013 is $139.99 for the “Home and Student”; $219.99 for the “Home and Business,” and $399.99 for the “Office Professional” versions, respectively.

If you’d like for me to continue the Office 2013 series please let me know!

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