Servin’ Up Scoops In Bridgewater

Posted: July 31, 2013

Elliot (Photo by Katie King / DN-R)
As a self-employed site locator for new or expanding businesses, Harvey Wayne Elliot says he was hit hard by the rough economy. With many companies downsizing as a result of weak finances, fewer customers were seeking his service.

“When the economy tanked, my phone stopped ringing,” he recalled.

Nearing 60, Elliot knew finding employment elsewhere would be a challenge. Forgoing the frustrating cycle of applications, interviews and rejections, he decided to stick with his tradition of self-employment.

After spotting a small commercial property for sale in Bridgewater, the then Mount Solon local decided to purchase and start up an ice cream parlor.

“I had to figure out something to do, and I had been making ice cream at home for years,” he explained.

Before opening his shop, Elliot traveled to Florida to learn about the business at an Ice Cream University seminar taught by Malcolm Stogo.

According to Elliot, Stogo is an ice cream expert who’s traveled around the world, advising popular companies such as Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s.

“He’s an ice cream guru, if you will,” said Elliot.

After completing his seminar, Elliot opened Harvey’s Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee in 2011, and has since been busy making and serving a combination of sorbets, ice creams and gelatos.

Elliot calls it a “fun business,” but says he takes his flavors seriously.

“I searched all over for my flavors, I’m very picky,” he remarked. “The flavors here are very intense.”

Particularly proud of his peach, he claims it’s the “best peach ice cream you’ll taste anywhere in the U.S.”

Elliot, who gets his flavorings from an Italian company, says he makes about 400 each year.

While his shop always offers classic favorites, such as vanilla and butter pecan, he has six varieties that he changes out frequently.

For inspiration, he turns to seasonal holidays or customer requests.

“For Saint Patrick’s Day, I made a Guinness beer ice cream. People really liked that,” he recalled. “One time, someone requested Nutella, so I made it.”

While he enjoys being creative, he says the point is never to come up with an elaborate, bizarre flavor that no one wants to order.

“It’s not about being vain, like ‘Oh, look what I can make,’ ” he said. “I make what people will eat.”

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