Focused On The Phantasmal

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Posted: August 31, 2013

Seen by day, Catherine Furnace (TOP) is an imposing, antebellum structure. During a recent weekend trip, the Rockingham County Paranormal Research Society (ABOVE) investigated the cold blast furnace for supernatural activity using items found below, including an electromagnetic field reader, a motion detector, a digital voice recorder and a temperature gauge. (Photo by Katie King / DN-R)
(Photo by Katie King / DN-R)
Ironmaster Noah Foltz, a pig iron producer for the Confederacy, is said to have been forced to touch the metal of a support beam before it cooled as punishment when his Union sympathies were discovered. (Photo by Katie King / DN-R)
The Rockingham County Paranormal Research Society relies on devices such as electromagnetic field readers to provide evidence of supernatural activity. (Photo by Katie King / DN-R)
Moonlight filtering down through the forest, members of the Rockingham County Paranormal Research Society clasp hands and form a circle.

Whether investigating a home, a former orphanage or a spot…

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