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Posted: October 15, 2013

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I frequently have people tell me that that their computer sometimes has a problem.

No surprise there.

But then, when they go to have it fixed, they either cannot explain it to the technician clearly enough, they forget exactly what happened or they cannot get the problem to duplicate itself.

Never fear, (if you are one of the unfortunates using it) Microsoft continued a program addressing the issue with Windows 8.

The application — Problem Steps Recorder — is a miracle of the technology age.

It is simple to use and will give the tech more than enough, information regarding the issue.

To launch PSR, click the Start Orb, type Problem Steps Recorder and click the link that reads, “Record steps to reproduce a problem”; or just type “PSR,” see “psr.exe” and click it to start.

A rectangular window will pop up label in-kind.

At that point, there are three options.

First, close it with the “X” on the upper right.

Next, get help by clicking the question mark under the close “X.”

Lastly, click on “Start Record.”

The last option will record screen shots with each click of the mouse.

Each thing you do is recorded along with exactly what page you were on, the X and Y coordinates of the mouse location, exactly what you enter into areas, etc.

While recording, you can add a comment by clicking the appropriate button on the controller. It will open a text box, which can be filled with notes or thoughts regarding the process.

Once the process has been completed, click the “Stop Recording” button, then save it.

It will automatically create a zipped file to make it easier to email. Save the file, (best to your desktop) and once it completes, unzip the file and run the video.

This is an excellent tool and really easy to use.

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