Artful Dodger Adding ‘Exposed Mondays’ To Lineup

Posted: December 5, 2013

Dancers with the Shenandoah Contemporary Dance Theatre’s preparatory troupe perform Nov. 25 at the Artful Dodger downtown. (Photo by Jason Lenhart / DN-R)
Bakari Williams is only about two months into his new job at the Artful Dodger, but he’s already the brainchild of a new event at the downtown venue.

The 23-year-old recent James Madison University graduate has created “Exposed Mondays,” a two-part fine arts celebration. Every Monday at 7 p.m., a local dancer or two will lead a hip-hop-themed choreography class. Every other Monday starting around 8 p.m., a fine arts performance will follow.

The choreography classes started several weeks ago, with local dancer Reza Mina leading. While Mina will head up many of the classes, Williams said he’s interested in getting other local instructors involved, as well.  

The first fine arts performance of “Exposed Mondays” took place Nov. 25 and featured performances by two female dance crews with the Shenandoah Contemporary Dance Theatre.

“Whatever people want to show, we have a spot available for them,” said Williams of the every-other-Monday performances. “Whether that be dancing, spoken word, music, a capella, anything kind of in that fine arts range.”

Although the Artful Dodger features events throughout each week, such as salsa nights and all request Tuesdays, Monday nights were previously void of events, Williams said.

Couple that with the fact that Williams is passionate about the fine arts, and you have the explanation behind Exposed Mondays’ inception.

“That’s …  where my heart and soul is: fine arts,” he said. “I don’t think you can really get that very much in town on a consistent basis. I think the Artful Dodger is the place to do it …  the atmosphere is right.”

Exposed Mondays overlaps with the restaurant’s happy hour, which runs from 4-9 p.m. every day.

“What we are kind of hoping is that people will come, grab some food, enjoy some music, enjoy some dancing [and] a different cultural atmosphere that you can’t normally find without having to pay to go see a show somewhere,” Williams said.

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