Water Line Experiencing Delays

Posted: March 19, 2014

Workers pressure test the new water lines installed near West Springbrook Road on March 20 in Broadway. (Photo by Nikki Fox / DN-R)

According to Broadway Town Manager Kyle O’Brien, residents living in the Heritage Hills and Mundy Court subdivisions have experienced low water pressure for years.

The Springbrook water line, installed in February, was intended to resolve the problem by increasing resident’s average water pressure from 35 pressures per square inch to about 80.

The project was expected to kick off in early March, but residents who’ve recently taken a shower may have noticed the lack of improvement, as the line has experienced a few unexpected hold-ups.

First, there was the snowfall, which O’Brien says held the project up for a day. Then came the more time-consuming leak issues.

“We’ve had some problems with the line holding pressure; it’s actually taken longer than anticipated,” he remarked.

O’Brien says a leak sprang within a fire hydrant, which has since been resolved. However, there’s another leak on the line that has yet to be found.

He’s hoping for a quick resolution.

“Hopefully, if they find the leak, they can fix it within a couple of hours, so we are hoping [the line will be ready] by next week, but its dependent on when they find [the leak],” he explained.

O’Brien says routine bacteria tests will be carried out once the pressure tests are completed, and adds that the whole situation is a “fluke.”

“It’s just a situation we really haven’t encountered before and neither has the contractor,” he said.

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