Judy Chops To Release New Album, ‘Minor Sunshine’

Posted: May 15, 2014

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The Judy Chops will hold a release for their new album at 9 p.m. June 20 at Clementine. (Courtesy Photo)

Bill Howard, one of the lead vocalists for local Americana band The Judy Chops, knows the group’s name raises a few eyebrows, but he thinks it adds to the ensemble’s appeal.

“We wanted a name that sounded feminine, and we thought Judy Chops would be a funny band name,” he said, explaining that the moniker was taken from a “hillbilly ninja training video.”

“It kind of stuck and has since taken on new meanings.”

Distinct Sound
The six-piece band, which formed in November 2008, has a sound as unique as its name.

The group incorporates musical elements ranging from swing, to blues, to classical country in order to achieve its distinct sound.  It blends both modern and vintage tunes in an effort to garner crowds of all ages.

“We’ve considered our music to be ‘modern vintage,’ ” said Howard, a Fort Defiance High School alum.  “We take old styles and bring them to new audiences by raising the tempos and putting our own modern touch on them.”

The Judy Chops released an acoustic EP, “Modern Vintage Volume One,” in 2008, followed by a full-length album, “Give Her The Gun,” in 2010.

After being named “Best Roots Band” at last year’s Red Wing Roots Music Festival held in Mount Solon, the band was awarded 20 hours of recording time at the Blue Sprocket Sound studio in Harrisonburg.  That time was used to record their new full-length album, “Minor Sunshine.”

Community Support
The band is currently embarking on a crowd-funding campaign through indiegogo.com, in order to help pay for the remaining costs of the album.  

The group is hoping to raise $10,000 to cover these costs, with additional funds used to purchase a tour vehicle, which would allow for the band to expand their schedule to different parts of the region.

The Judy Chops will be holding a release party for “Minor Sunshine” at 9 p.m. June 20 at Clementine in downtown Harrisonburg.

“We’ve got to give a big thank you to Blue Sprocket Sound, as they’ve been amazing working with us,” said Robinson, who says the band will also be releasing their album on vinyl.

Howard has been anticipating the release of this album since they began production nearly three years ago: “It’s going to be nice for people to finally take a listen,” he said.

“I’ve listened to [The Judy Chops] plenty of times; they’re a great band,” added Mike Comfort, Clementine general manager.  “[It’s] going to be a fun night.”

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