Piriform: Part II

Posted: September 2, 2014

Double Click

In this space last week, I mentioned two of Piriform’s tools: CCleaner and Defraggler. Today, I’ll discuss two more.

Speccy is a very good application from Piriform; however, I rarely use it. You should download the app and run it anyway, just so you can have a list of exactly what your computer is made. It will give you what you may need to know.

Say you want to buy some more RAM for your computer, but you are not sure what type to get. If you run Speccy, it will show you the name, type, size, etc., of the RAM that is currently running, so you can accurately match it.

It also gives you the temperature at which your computer’s motherboard is running. Do not panic if the temperature is above 150 degrees — that’s normal, but it should be under 200 degrees.

Recuva is the last Piriform app I’ll discuss. I mentioned it several weeks ago, but I have received many questions regarding it.

Recuva actually stands for “Recover” and it’s function is in the name: It recovers deleted files.

Pretend, for instance, that you have just gotten back from your vacation. While on the trip, you took more than 2,000 pictures on your digital camera. Now, you’re home and put your SD card in your computer to save and print a few.

Oops, you accidentally delete all the files on the card.

In steps Recuva to save you from this predicament.

Once you install and start it up, you will be asked what file types are you trying to recover. “All Files” is the default, but you can specify pictures, music and others.

Next, it will get you to input where the files are located. Here the default is “I’m not sure,” which is fine; however, it will take much longer if you cannot narrow it down some. You are now ready to begin your search, which, depending on the parameters you set, could take a few seconds to an hour or so.

It is quite good at finding those missing files. Once it is finished, you can restore all or some to your computer. It will usually rename the files, so you may have to restore them before you can determine which file is which.

As I always mention when using this program, the longer you wait to search for the deleted file, the less likely you are to be successful in its recovery. The file can be partially or fully destroyed, if the space it occupies is written over by another file.

Recuva will “rate” the files found as how successful you may be in recovering it.

For instance, if you find a partially recoverable photo, you may be missing part of the picture or it could be scrambled.

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