A Few Random Thoughts, Starting With Hybrid Tax

Posted: May 22, 2013

Mr. Coulter: Even though you seem to walk on water, your car doesn’t ride on air. Your “fine” that you were so unfairly assessed is actually a tax for wear and tear of the highway that all of us “bad people” must pay when we buy gas (“Taxing Hybrids A Great Idea?” April 16).

If you remember, when you purchased your hybrid, we bad taxpayers helped you pay for your car through government tax breaks, incentives, plus the production subsidy. So on the seventh of each month, I’ll come to drive my part of your car. Let me know where you live and if this doesn’t suit.

Note to U.S. government: Stop putting sugar in my gas tank.

Politician’s job: To make you think what they think so you will think they are thinking what you think.

Government’s job: to control the masses.

■ The government knows how to control guns through confiscation. But it has no idea how to control gun violence. Start by controlling the teaching of gun violence on TV and in computer games and movies to our youth. Few “baby boomers” commit gun violence.

J.H. Davis
Rockingham County

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