Anonymous Donor Boosts HHS Track

$27K Gift For Resurface Work

Posted: October 19, 2013

HARRISONBURG — An anonymous $27,000 donation has put a Harrisonburg High School project nearly halfway toward being paid off.
The school’s rubberized track is nearing the end of its life expectancy, said Darrell Wilson, HHS athletic director, and the school has plans to resurface it in the spring.
“We got a year longer [out of it] than what was expected,” Wilson said. “Just like your rubber tires, those wear down, a rubberized track does the same thing.”
The project’s final budget is not yet nailed down, but he expects the resurfacing to cost about $65,000.
The track project is in the school’s capital plans already, Wilson said, but the donation is a big help.
The school system will foot the rest of the bill for the project.
“It’s a very gracious donation from somebody who wanted to help with that project,” he said.
As soon as the weather allows, the work will move forward.
“Our hope was to get it done here in the fall, but the weather has to cooperate,” Wilson said. “We think our window of opportunity is shut now, but it will be done as soon in the spring as [the weather is favorable].”
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