Bergton Fair exhibit and pageant results

Posted: August 15, 2012

Miss Bergton Fair winners included Jaclyn Danielle Cleaver, Mathias; first runner-up Jessica Harman, Mathias; second runner-up Allison Storm Dove, Fulks Run; and Personality Miranda Nicole Wilkins, Bergton. (Photo by courtesy)


Tiny Miss Bergton Fair (0-23 months)
Winner:  Layla Anne Stull, Fulks Run
1st Runner-Up:  Laura Spade, Criders
2nd Runner-Up:  Sydney JoErin Wolford, Fulks Run
Personality:   Laura Spade, Criders.

Tiny Master Bergton Fair (0-23 months)
Winner and Personality:  Kiptyn Gauge Armentrout, Mathias
1st Runner-Up:  Donnavon Allan Smith, Mathias.

Wee Miss Bergton Fair ( 2-3 years)
Winner:  Ava Jade Riggle, Mathias
1st Runner-Up:  Hayley Dean, Fulks Run
2nd Runner-Up:  Toni Ann Everridge, Fulks Run
Personality:  Kelsie Grace Shoemaker, Fulks Run.

Little Miss Bergton Fair (4-6 years)
Winner:  Ryleigh Sherman, Bergton
1st Runner-Up:  Bryce Addison Miller, Mathias
2nd Runner-Up:  Chloe Jo Miller, Mathias
Personality:  Kelsy Renee Conley, Mathias.

Little Master Bergton Fair (4-6 years)
Winner:  Clayton Allen Lee Hall, Mathias
1st Runner-Up and Personality:  Justin Barb, Mathias.

Bergton Fair Sweetheart (7-9 years)
Winner:  Erin Quin Riggle, Mathias
1st Runner-Up:  Gabreanna Carr, Mathias
2nd Runner-Up:  Jadyn Carter Whetzel, Mathias
Personality:  Jamie Lynn Barb, Mathias.

Junior Miss Bergton Fair (10-13 years)
Winner: Ashland Fulk, Bergton
1st Runner-Up:  Chrissa Williams, Mathias
2nd Runner-Up:  Clarise Kennedy, Bergton
Personality:  Allison Rae Mongold, Fulks Run.

Miss Bergton Fair (14-20 years)
Winner:  Jaclyn Danielle Cleaver, Mathias
1st Runner-Up:  Jessica Hartman, Mathias
2nd Runner- Up:  Allison Storm Dove, Fulks Run
Personality:  Miranda Nicole Wilkins, Bergton.


Grand Sweepstakes Winner:



Julia Haviland, 546 points.

Junior Homemakers
7 & under: Julia Haviland, Criders;
8–13 years: Paige Ryman, Bergton;
14–18 years: Jaclyn Cleaver, Mathias;
Overall: Jaclyn Cleaver, Mathias.

Baked Goods
Shirley Smith, Criders.

Flower Department
Overall Arrangement
Pre-Junior: Leah Rickard,  Bergton;
Pre-Junior: Leah Rickard,  Bergton;
Junior: Troy Fink, Bergton;
Junior: Marrisa Williams,  Fulks Run;
Adult: Savannah Fink, Bergton;
Adult: Sara Williams, Fulks Run.
Overall Sweepstakes: Savannah Fink, Bergton.

Fancy Works
Donna Nesselrodt, Bergton.

Farm Crops
Holly Whetzel, Bergton.

Trophy Department
Larry Trumbo, Fulks Run.

Pre-Junior: Julia Haviland, Criders;
Junior: Jesse Haviland, Criders;
Adult: Colin Whetzel, Bergton;
Overall: Julia Haviland, Criders.

Canning Department
Nicole Fansler, Mathias.

Arts & Crafts
7 & Under: Julia Haviland, Criders;
8–13 years: Jesse Haviland, Criders;
14 & over: Cassie Simmons, Fulks Run;
Overall: Julia Haviland, Criders.


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