What's Buzzing In Bridgewater?

The Origins

Posted: May 1, 2012

Bridgewaterva.com founder and webmaster Bill Wood has lived in Bridgewater with his family since 1986, when he came to teach at Bridgewater College. Eventually he moved to James Madison University, where he met fellow economics professor Dave Kreutzer.

The two men had more in common than just their professions. Kreutzer lived in nearby Dayton, where he was serving on town council.

“We actually dared each other to start websites,” Wood said, with a glint of humor. “At that time, the internet was just starting to boom. Fortunes were being made, millionaires being created and we thought we’d get in on it.”

As befitting their places of residence, Wood started bridgewaterva.com and Kreutzer started daytonva.com.

Nearly 13 years later, Wood has clearly bested his competition.

Kreutzer agrees—sort of.

When reached via email, Kreutzer explained that his website had “been stagnant for a couple of years.”

“I hope this hasn’t been a competition,” he wrote. “If it has, Bill wins by a hundred miles.”

Kreutzer moved out of the area several years ago and now works for The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. But he keeps the website as his personal homepage. The software he would need to update the site has long expired, he says.

That explains why daytonva.us has outdated business listings and information about the Dayton Skate Park, which was recently dismantled and replaced by the Artisan’s Courtyard.

When informed about Dayton’s recent economic renaissance, Kreutzer was intrigued by the possibility of selling his domain name.

“I’m open to all offers,” he said. But always the economist, he urged potential dealmakers to look around. “…I suspect there are equally valuable domain names available for the price of registration.”

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