Buchanan Is Wrong On Reagan

Posted: May 15, 2014

Patrick Buchanan recently argued against U.S. military interventionism in Ukraine (“The Gipper Was No Neocon,” April 15). While I appreciate Buchanan’s caution against neoconservative warmongering, he is guilty of revisionist history. Buchanan’s article states:

“Ronald Reagan never wanted to be a war president, and there were no wars on Reagan’s watch. None. The Gipper was no neocon.”

False. On Oct. 25, 1983, President Ronald Reagan sent U.S. forces against the tiny island nation of Grenada. Canada, the UK, and the UN all condemned the “flagrant violation of international law.”

More to the point, Reagan Administration officials covertly prosecuted the Contra War in Nicaragua, in direct violation of the Boland Amendment (1982) of the U.S. House of Representatives. The Contra War, in which some 30,000 Nicaraguans died, was illicitly funded by the undercover sale of U.S. arms to Iran, resulting in the Iran-Contra scandal (1986) for which Reagan should have been impeached.

Dave Pruett

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