City Schools Secures $102K In Tech Grants

Posted: June 22, 2013

HARRISONBURG — Nearly $102,000 worth of technology grants were awarded to Harrisonburg City Schools teachers as part of a pilot program starting next year.
The grants, which will fund the purchase of 113 iPads, 47 Kunos tablets and 30 Chromebooks, among other items, were announced during a Harrisonburg City School Board work session Tuesday. In all, eight teachers received funding to create so-called “Community of Learners Classrooms.”
The grant money, which totals $101,988, was added to the city schools’ budget this year.
“The need became evident when we saw technology being used by our students so easily,” said D.D. Dawson, director of finance for the division. “The school division wanted to see how that could enhance learning.”
Projects being funded include an art initiative that will allow students to use interactive electronic textbooks and create artwork on iPads, and a writing project where students will create online portfolios. Other grants put technology into students’ hands to read eBooks, conduct research and complete projects.
Teachers who received grants are Caitlin Wood from Waterman Elementary School, Kelley Shradley and Peter Norment from Harrisonburg High School, Ronald Perry, Jeff Peake and Alexis Rutt from Skyline Middle School, Jill Hagmaier, Nichole Ehlers, Tony Lechota and Ian Linden from Thomas Harrison Middle School, and Joan Keeley, Grace Satterfield, Cierra Drummond and Josh Harold from Spotswood Elementary School.
They will attend a summer technology camp and monthly meetings, then have their projects evaluated for effectiveness.
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