Clinton May Be Flawed

But She Might Also Win

Posted: July 22, 2014

Though she has not declared her candidacy, Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic choice for president in 2016. Only Vice President Joe Biden, it seems, stands in her way — and he may be even more gaffe-prone than she. What’s more, no Republican  seems a viable alternative, so Mrs. Clinton, the perennial lady in waiting, may, in truth, be on her way back to the White House, this time as president.

The path seems open, the way clear. But if history serves as any guide — remember 2008? — Mrs. Clinton will manage to make it hard on herself. She can be her own worst enemy. For all her supposed smarts and real-world experience, she is not a particularly deft politician. Her is tongue tart — “What difference at this point does it make?” (regarding Benghazi) — and her ears are made of tin.

This flaw has been on full display of late. Mrs. Clinton — governor’s wife, partner in a law firm, and then first lady — expected to sell the American people that she and husband Bill were “broke,” or something akin to poor-like-you, upon leaving the White House in 2000. Amazing.

That bit of rhetorical (and moral?) legerdemain should not sit well with the average American, nor should Mrs. Clinton’s apparent infatuation with the progressive themes of equality and fairness — not when she demands (and gets) a cool 200 grand for spouting boilerplate on college campuses and does little to mask her decidedly “1 percent” lifestyle. In other words, no “progressive populist” is she, so notes political commentator Victor Davis Hanson, especially when you consider the fact that “few Americans have more enriched themselves by trading on their public service than have she and her husband.

These must be viewed not merely as potential impediments to political progress — but also as impediments willfully self-constructed.

Hillary Clinton — by her volition, it seems — is a seriously flawed presidential candidate. She may also prove a winning one.

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