Constitution Must Protect All, Not Some

Posted: April 9, 2014

Several letters to this page have lamented what the writers see as a modern descent from the high moral principles of our Founders and earlier generations into an immoral abyss.  Our Founders and subsequent historical figures built a great nation, but they made mistakes and tolerated injustices that we are still correcting.

Slavery and the subordination of women are the most obvious examples and we still wonder how men who believed that all men are created equal could own other human beings.

Our nation has fought wars of great moral purpose; others were questionable.  The Spanish-American War and the war with Mexico in 1846 come to mind.

Our nation is a work in progress.  What we can and should do is to use our founding documents, especially the Constitution, to ensure that all of our citizens enjoy basic rights with no exceptions.

Ben Fordney

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