‘Cooch’s’ Next Move?

Listen To Virginians

Posted: December 6, 2012

With the Republican nomination for governor now
for the taking. we take note of the combative attorney general’s web site epistle to “fellow Virginians” stating his reasons for running for the state’s highest office.

In this 1,000-word tour de force, Mr. Cuccinelli makes much — and commendably so — of his devotion to First Principles, to the Constitution, to freedom and maintenance of the civil society. Wrote Mr. Cuccinelli, “Our country was founded on the belief that our rights don't come from the government, they come from our Creator. The Constitution was set up to limit the size and scope of government, not the liberty of individuals.”

This and the rest of Mr. Cuccinelli’s piece are all things to which we heartily subscribe, as Tuesday’s lead editorial clearly suggests.

Still — and this generates some concern on our part — there’s nary a mention of the very home-and-hearth issues (jobs and the economy, principally) that Bob McDonnell, once a legislative firebrand himself, emphasized so effectively in his campaign for governor. It should be noted Mr. McDonnell, over these past three years, has largely followed through on this emphasis. In other words, it was not campaign window-dressing.

Given this example, Mr. Cuccinelli — or “The Cooch” to his legion of supporters — may want, or feel the need, to sit down at a kitchen table or two and listen to the “fellow Virginians” he hopes one day to lead.

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