Council To Pay For Sewer Flood

Clog Caused $25K Damage

Posted: September 5, 2013


Elkton Town Council agreed Wednesday morning to allocate $10,000 to reimburse a resident after a clogged sewer line caused a backup and flooded his basement in early July, according to town officials.


Council gave its blessing to the appropriation on a unanimous vote — Councilman Josh Gooden was absent — during the special meeting, according to Town Manager Kevin Fauber.


“All the council members were aware of the situation so there wasn’t too much discussion to be had,” Fauber said.


The $10,000 will come from the town’s sewer budget, Fauber said.


In early July, a tangle of roots had grown to the point to which it restricted flow to the main sewer line, Fauber said last month. The clog caused the sewer to back up into the home of Thomas Vargo at 105 Hillside Ave.


“From what I was told … when the sewer backed up in there they were not at home that morning or that day, but when they came home that evening their basement had flooded with raw sewage,” Councilman Harry Armbruster said in an interview Wednesday evening.


Armbruster said he was told the pipe was supposed to have a check valve that would prevent backflow, so the town was at fault.


The clog caused around $25,000 in damage, $15,000 of which was covered by the homeowner’s and the town’s insurance, Fauber said in August. One other residence incurred damage, but the owners were able to do the cleanup themselves and did not seek reimbursement.


Armbruster said the town’s public works department is looking at finding ways to prevent a similar incident from happening again.


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