Countdown To The 2013 Regional Spelling Bee

Posted: February 28, 2013

Ava Campbell
Ada Zhang

Editor’s Note: This is the 13th and 14th of 20 profiles of the contestants in the 2013 Regional Spelling Bee sponsored by the Rockingham District Ruritans and co-sponsored by the Daily News-Record and public television station WVPT. The bee will be held at the WVPT studios in Harrisonburg on Saturday. Each day, we will introduce the spellers competing for a spot in this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.


Ava Campbell


School: Elkton Elementary


Grade: Fifth


Age: 10


Born in: Elkton


Currently lives in: Elkton


Parents: Jacob and Daisy Lam, and Dennis Campbell


Winning or, if runner-up, misspelled word in district bee:

Subsequent (spelled subsiquent in district bee)


Favorite subject: Gymnastics. “I love to do cartwheels and pennydrops.”


Career goals: Veterinarian. “Because I love animals.”


Hobbies: Reading, gymnastics and swimming.


Favorite book or author: The “Dork Diaries” series, by Rachel Renee Russell.


Spelling secrets: “I study and [when spelling a word] I close my eyes and sound out and visualize it.”


Interesting facts: “I have three sisters and one brother. I have taught myself to play ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ on the recorder.”


Anything else you’d like to say to DN-R readers: “I thank you and the town of Elkton for supporting me.”



Ada Zhang


School: Eastern Mennonite Middle


Grade: Sixth


Age: 12


Born in: Winchester


Currently lives in: Harrisonburg


Parents: Cecilia Chen and Adrian Zhang


Winning or, if runner-up, misspelled word in district bee: Manuscript (spelled correctly in district bee)


Favorite Subject: Gym, science and social studies. “I love being active, learning about nature and learning about other people and their stories.”


Career Goals: Teacher. “[Because] I love school.”


Hobbies: Swimming, reading, knitting and playing the piano and violin.


Favorite book or author: The “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling, and books by author Rick Riordan.


Spelling Secrets: “I try to picture the word in my mind and then spell it out slowly.”


Interesting Facts: “I’m an only child, I’ve been to China, I’ve never been to the beach and my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE color is purple.”


Anything else you’d like to say to DN-R readers: “Take your time [and] don’t think about being nervous.”

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