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No Tax Subsidies For Gov’t ‘News’

Posted: May 13, 2014

Americans who think the government just might be misspending their tax dollars can rest assured. They aren’t wrong. The government is misspending tax dollars, and not just by purchasing million-dollar hammers and toilet seats for the military. A whole pile of money is wasted on National Public Radio, which is less an information agency than a spout for left-wing propaganda.

Anyone who doesn’t think so can take a look at the political resume of NPR’s newest chief executive officer, Jarl Mohn, a coroporate media bigshot.

According to Tim Graham of, the media did its usual shoddy job of telling us the whole truth about Mr. Mohn’s background: “ The New York Times and Los Angeles Times accounts made no mention of the Democratic donations or the ACLU connection. Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi reported ‘Public records indicate that Mohn supported a series of Democratic candidates in statewide races, including the Massachusetts gubernatorial campaign of Robert Reich, President Bill Clinton’s secretary of labor. Reich lost in the Massachusetts Democratic primary in 2002.’”

Unsuprisingly, we learn that NPR’s own David Folkenflik confessed that “Mohn has given millions of dollars to Southern California Public Radio, where he’s board chairman. A database search also shows he’s given more than $200,000 to political causes, mostly Democrat, since 1990. But he pledged to stop for his new job.”

Even more specifically, Mr. Graham reported, “[a]n Open Secrets search shows in 2012, Mohn donated $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee, $5,000 to Obama for President, $5,000 to liberal Rep. Howard Berman of California, as well as $7,300 to liberal Rep. Henry Waxman of California (in 2010 and 2012 combined). A year ago, he donated $2,600 to Sen. Mark Warner (D-Virginia), who’s up for re-election in November.”

Thus, we can rest assured that NPR will be as “impartial” as it always always has been. Readers may recall the scandal a few years ago, when two NPR officials were caught in a video sting. It showed them prepared to accept a $5-million donation from a fictitious group connected to the Muslim Brotherhood that advocated the global imposition of Sharia law. The sting also caught an NPR executive uttering this calumny about “anti-intellectual” members of the Tea Party:

“The current Republican Party, particularly the Tea Party, is fanatically involved in people’s personal lives and very fundamental Christian — I wouldn’t even call it Christian. It’s this weird evangelical kind of move. ...

“[The Tea Party is not] just Islamaphobic, but really xenophobic, I mean basically they are, they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun-toting. I mean, it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people.”

The revelations led to the departure of NPR’s CEO. Mr. Mohn’s appointment makes him No. 5 since 2009.

The larger point, here, however, isn’t how far off in left field NPR is, or that it should have hired a conservative. The larger point is that NPR and other public television and radio stations are not something taxpayers should subsdize to the tune of some $455 million a year. Americans enjoy myriad news outlets, from cable and network news and talk radio to thousands of websites that offer material on literally everything from soup to nuts, whether business and finance and health to national and global politics and foregin policy. Nor, of course, is there any shortage of politilcal commentary. Why should taxpayers cough up a penny to subsidize any of it. For what reason? So the elites can hear the soothing, near whispered voices of the enlightened on “All Things Considered?”

NPR and public broadcasting are vestigial appendages of the government left over from the days when news choices were limited. Now, they are limitless. It’s time to hit the mute button and end these pointless subsidies.




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