Don’t Worry, Be Happy

That’s Obama’s Message

Posted: December 5, 2013

It’s been 25 years since Bobby McFerrin took the musical world by storm with an a cappella ditty titled “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” We haven’t thought of the song much since its star waxed and waned a quarter-century ago. But, in the past week or so, the tune has resurfaced from the recesses of our brain, or at least its spirit has. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” it seems, is now the administration’s implied theme song for ObamaCare.

You can feel the sentiment in the White House’s breezy tone, studied though it may be. You can hear it in longtime White House insider David Plouffe’s earnest claim that ObamaCare “will really work well” (albeit not until 2017). And you can see it in the headlines adorning the wishful pronouncements of the administration’s media water-carriers: “The health-care law is here to stay” (Dana Milbank, The Washington Post), “Obamacare Still Alive” (Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine), and “GOP nearing a dead end on health-care law” (Kevin Drum, Mother Jones).

Ever get the idea the whole bunch might be whistling past the graveyard? Further evidence is provided by Nobel laureate and minion-in-chief Paul Krugman, who predicts ObamaCare will soon be running so well it will be out of
sight, out of mind — kind of like Benghazi.

We agree with The Washington Examiner’s David Freddoso: Mr. Krugman may be given to whoppers, but this may be one of his biggest.

How so? For starters, the Benghazi comparison simply doesn’t hold up. As bad as this incident cum scandal was, it affected but a handful of Americans personally. ObamaCare affects, or will affect, most everyone in this nation — and if early outcomes are indicative, not to the better.

Look at it this way: President Obama has made a habit of wringing his hands for America’s benighted “middle class.” Well, who takes the biggest hit from his, ahem, signature legislative achievement? You got it — the middle class, or namely those who, as Mr. Freddoso notes, “are not poor, yet must constantly worry about money.” And they are the ones getting slammed by the law’s broken promises; they are the ones now suddenly realizing they have nothing to gain, and that the detritus of this law will be higher costs coupled with shoddy care.

What’s more, these people vote. Is it any wonder then that the only Democrats not crooning “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” are those facing reelection in 2014? For them, that proverbial graveyard means something else entirely.

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