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Service At Elkton Pharmacy Harkens Back To Simpler Time

Posted: January 30, 2013

Elkton Family Pharmacy manager Randy Bryant stands in front of the prescription counter on Tuesday. Photo by Michael Reilly / DN-R
Pharmacist Leah Belcher counts out medication at Elkton Family Pharmacy on Tuesday. Photo by Michael Reilly / DN-R
ELKTON — While many pharmacy chains lack the hometown touch of drugstores from long ago, the folks at Elkton Family Pharmacy think personalized service still counts for something.

Elkton Family Pharmacy opened at 111 S. Stuart Ave. in May with a focus on service and personalized treatment that has become less of a priority in much of the retail sector.

“We actually purposefully want to build relationships with people, if they allow us,” said Randy Bryant, manager and pharmacy technician. “We all live in the area; we all know the people here by name.”

For the insured, Bryant explained, prescription costs shouldn’t vary among pharmacies — the cost is between the customer and their insurer.

“So the question comes down to: Do you like the people you’re dealing with?” Bryant said. “Are they there to serve you, and treat you well?”

The pharmacy is independently owned by Willie Lamar of Madison County and John Seymour of Greene County.

Richard “Dick” Brown, who owns the building and operated Brown’s Pharmacy there before he retired, approached the two partners who own four pharmacies in Greene, Orange and Madison counties and in Charlottesville.

“He felt very strongly that there was still a viable business opportunity for an independent pharmacy in Elkton,” Bryant said. “We’re growing. Every month it’s gotten better.”

Home Delivery

The pharmacy offers a service that has gone out of fashion with most in the industry: home delivery.

“There’s a certain population in Elkton who live in Elkton because they can walk everywhere they need to go,” Bryant said. “And they don’t own an automobile.”

Deliveries have picked up through the chill of winter, he said, though Tuesday hardly felt winterlike.  

The pharmacy offers the free service to any customer who has an Elkton address, not just those within the town limits.  

“We don’t qualify anybody to make a delivery to them,” Bryant said. “If you need it and you want it delivered, tell us.”

Bryant, whose voice lifted as he happily welcomed customers by name, explained that the pharmacy tries to provide simplicity and ease to an increasingly complicated industry.

“We fill every prescription even without having all your specific personal and insurance information,” he said. “It’s much easier to say, ‘Yes we’ve got that ready, we just need your insurance information,’ than to say, ‘It’s not ready because we don’t.’”

And Elkton Family Pharmacy employees are not just there to pack pill bottles. The pharmacists provide Medicare and prescription counseling, also free of charge.

“We try to get them the best value for their plans,” Bryant said, “What drugs do you take? And what’s your budget? Let’s see if we can make it work.”

Medical Equipment

The pharmacy also sells a variety of home medical equipment, including shoes for diabetics, canes, walkers and bedside commodes.

“We try to keep people from having to drive into Harrisonburg or other places,” Bryant said.  

Customers can rent certain items, including crutches, walkers and wheelchairs, which often are used only for a short time after injuries.

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