Elkton Looking To Develop Community Center

Survey Finds Residents Want Swimming Pool

Posted: July 28, 2014

ELKTON — It’s been eight years since they helped bring the Elkton Area Community Center into fruition, but Friends of the Elkton Area Community Center are looking to get involved again.

George McDaniel and Bobby Lawson, the organization’s president and vice president, addressed Elkton council this month during a work session and expressed an interest in helping the community center grow. The group envisions adding a pool and other attractions to the facility at 20593 Blue and Gold Drive.

Originally, “our dreams were to go a little bit further” in terms of the community center’s offerings, McDaniel said. The center has state-of-the-art facilities, but he wonders what will happen when things start wearing out.

“We want it to be stable,” he said. “We want to work in conjunction with the town to make sure it thrives and survives.”

The community center “wasn’t designed to be costing you money. There has to be more of a facility to justify membership fees,” he told council. “It’s losing money. A lot of them do, but our intentions were to make it self-sustainable.”

With that in mind, FEACC plans to begin working with Town Manager Kevin Whitfield and council on an updated organizational structure.

Whitfield said he’s optimistic and looking forward to getting started.

“I welcome any ideas they may have,” he said.

Lawson previously served on an association board that worked in conjunction with Shenandoah National Park. She believes a similar organization can work with the town to improve the community center.

After disbanding in 2006, FEACC came together again two years ago and has obtained grants for community programs, such as the Adventurers Club, which will enable local students who bring their grades up to attend fun activities at Massanutten Resort.

Getting back to helping the community center is one of its main goals, however.

A survey was completed earlier this year that identified desires of those in the community. Chief among these is an indoor/outdoor pool.

Lawson said FEACC is working on a strategic plan that could result in a pool being added to the community center. The group is trying to make sure that any addition to the community center is not located in a flood plain.

Over the next two months, McDaniel said the group plans to engage professionals at James Madison University to make recommendations and help draft a plan for the community center.

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