Fawley Combines Music, Worship

2013 DN-R-Leadership Award Finalists: Turner Ashby

Posted: May 20, 2013

Corbin Fawley, a Turner Ashby senior and one of four finalists for the DN-R Leadership Award plans to take a year off before college to visit South America. (Photo by Nikki Fox / DN-R)

HARRISONBURG — While choir class taught Corbin Fawley the basics of music, private lessons helped him find his voice, and he wants to use it to change the face of worship music.


“[Choir] taught me to read music and understand intervals and harmonies,” Fawley said. “[It] was private voice lessons that really unlocked my voice.”


Fawley, 18, is one of four finalists from Turner Ashby High School for the 2013 Daily News-Record Leadership Award. The son of Kee and Crystal Fawley, of Bridgewater, Fawley ranks 50 of 250 students at his school with a 3.718 GPA.


After graduation, he plans to take a year off school to work and hopefully visit South America to expand his horizons.


“There’s no doubt in my mind that I can take something from [South Americans’] perspective and apply it to my perspective,” Fawley said.


Then he wants to attend Lee University a Christian school in Cleveland, Tenn., for music business.


Fawley uses computer software and an acoustic guitar to create an atmospheric and electronic sound. He says he wants his sound to be somewhere between the bands Coldplay and Glitch Mob, but created somewhat spontaneously, like Girl Talk.


“That could really fit well in a worship setting where you can just go with the flow of what’s happening in your room but maintain the sound that isn’t used in churches today,” Fawley said.


“You can do things on the fly and make new melodies and launch entire parts of a song live,” he explained.


Fawley plays in a band on Thursday nights at Grace Covenant Church in Harrisonburg and also leads a youth group on Sundays with his acoustic guitar.


“I have observed him emerging from simply being willing to serve as a worship leader into an influencer and an inspiration to other youth,” said Gordon Weirich, Fawley’s youth leader.


And he worked on those abilities at school too, by participating extensively in the school’s choir program, including two years as the male lead in the musical.


“Corbin has a very strong voice and level of musicianship, and this has made him a student that other boys in his section look to for help with their parts,” Katie E. Pyles, his choir director said.


His other extracurricular activities include the student advisory committee, Order of the Arrow, a service-oriented fraternity, student council, and three years of football.


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The Daily News-Record Leadership Awards are given each year to one student from each of the five public high schools in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Four finalists are selected from among those students who “best exemplify a combination of excellence of character, qualities of leadership and devotion to duty.” After receiving the names of the finalists from each school, a committee of civic, business and community leaders appointed by DN-R Editor and General Manager Peter S. Yates interviews the candidates, reviews their applications and selects a winner of the $10,000 award. This year’s committee was led by Frank Tamberrino, president and chief executive officer of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce. Former U.S. Sen. Harry F. Byrd Jr., publisher of the DN-R from 1941 to 2001, established the award in 1955. After this year, 255 awards totaling more than $675,000 will have been handed out. The winner from Turner Ashby High School will be named at the school awards’ ceremony on Friday.

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