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Democrats Shut Down The Gov’t

Posted: October 5, 2013

If you reside within the Beltway Bubble or are willing to suspend belief and common sense upon listening to the incessant chatter within, you’re likely to conclude that intransigent House Republicans are responsible for “shutting down” the government.

The actions of Speaker John Boehner and his GOP colleagues have been described many ways by congressional Democrats and their media minions, all meaning essentially the same thing — “extortion” (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid), “hostage-taking” (Rep. Steny Hoyer), and “legislative arson” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi). Nothing could be further from the truth.

House Republicans, blessed by dint of the 2010 elections with power of the purse, are merely exercising their constitutional prerogatives. Folks all across the fruited plain can differ in opinion as to whether Mr. Boehner’s strategy of “legislation by appropriation” is a good idea. What is not subject to debate is whether the GOP’s actions of the last week are legal. A quick reading of Article I of the Constitution will indicate they most definitely are. The House does have the right, and the power, to make spending decisions it deems are in the nation’s best interest. Such is the nature of our system of checks and balances, and separation of powers masterfully written into the Constitution by the Framers.

To be sure, President Obama and the Senate have the right to disagree with these decisions. But with that right, says political economist and syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell, comes “responsibility.”

Messrs. Obama and Reid can hem and haw all they want about their demands for a “clean” bill funding the government (with ObamaCare), but the House is under no obligation to provide them one, not if it believes the current health-care law will prove detrimental to the country in the long run.

So who “shut down” the government? Certainly not the House, which provided the federal establishment all the money it needs to operate, save for ObamaCare. It is the president and his partymates who’ve decided that one law, opposed by a majority of Americans, is so sacrosanct that they would refuse money appropriated to fund the rest of the government in order to save it.

That’s the bed they’ve chosen to lie in. They are hostages to nothing or no one, save their own insistence that ObamaCare trumps all. The sooner we Americans realize this, the more we will understand what’s truly the cause of this standoff. And who’s to blame for it.

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