Four Arrests Made In Prostitution Deal Gone Bad

Police Say Two ‘Johns’ Robbed At Gunpoint

Posted: November 14, 2012

HARRISONBURG — Four Harrisonburg residents are behind bars after police say two men soliciting two women for sex were robbed at gunpoint late last month.


Police announced the arrests Tuesday.


James Davis, 21, is charged with two felony counts of robbery and two felony counts of conspiracy to commit robbery.


Jacary Moore, 23, is charged with two felony counts of conspiracy to commit robbery and felony possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.


Tara Hodgins, 18, and Renita Wright, 19, are charged with two felony counts of principal in the second degree to robbery and two felony counts of conspiracy to commit robbery.


The two robbery victims have not been charged with solicitation, but additional charges in the case haven’t been ruled out, police say.


“Our priority was to investigate the violent crimes first,” said Lt. Chris Rush, Harrisonburg Police Department’s lead investigator.


Police say the investigation began Oct. 28 when two men reported they were lured by two women into a breezeway of a building at the Hunters Ridge complex in the 1300 block of Hunters Road.


According to an affidavit for a search warrant, the two men told police they were in the area visiting a friend when they began talking to the women.


“They stated that the conversation became sexual in nature and the girls told them they would have sex with them for $300,” the affidavit states.


The men told police that after a price was negotiated they went to an ATM to withdraw cash. The pair returned to Hunters Road and called the women.


That’s when, according to what the men told police, the robbery took place.


Police say the two men were robbed at gunpoint, with one suspect striking one of the victims in the head with a gun.


Police were able to trace the cellphone call to the 1300 block of Hunters Road, and the robbery victims also were able to report which apartment they saw the two women go into. On Nov. 7, police raided Davis’ home at 1380 Hunters Road, seizing clothing, firearms and ammunition.


All four defendants are being held without bond at Rockingham County Jail.


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