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City Playground Dedicates A Rare Handicapped-Accessible Swing

Posted: September 9, 2013

Collin Kline, 2, of Singers Glen, assisted by park attendant Phil Curry, enjoys a ride on the new Liberty Swing, a handicapped-accessible swing Saturday at the Dream Come True playground in Harrisonburg. (Photo by Preston Knight / DN-R)

HARRISONBURG — Lena Campbell, 21, felt as if she were flying and that Jesus was even talking to her on Saturday.


Collin Kline, 2, enjoyed what seemed to be the ride of his life, just a day after celebrating a birthday as one of a set of triplets.


The latest swing by the Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Department appears to have resulted in a home run.


Earlier this summer, the department installed a Liberty Swing at A Dream Come True playground on Neff Avenue.
The department held a grand opening for it Saturday, to give it a little more “fanfare,” assistant director Dave Wigginton said. Campbell, of Rawley Springs, and Collin, of Singers Glen, participated.


Believed to be just the third of its kind in the state, the swing is wheelchair accessible and able to support 550 pounds. It has a collapsible chair, too, for those not dependent on a wheelchair but still unable to ride a conventional swing.


A federal grant paid for the $16,575 piece of equipment, which was manufactured in Australia.

“It’s pretty ingenious,” Wigginton said.


Anyone who wants to use the swing should contact Phil Curry, the park attendant for the department, to receive a brief training session. A key is then available to take home for future use, but people are asked to return it if it goes unused.


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