‘Happy’ Days At Sentara RMH

Hospital Staff Celebrate Successful Employee Fundraiser

Posted: July 11, 2014

Sara Ford Allen (right), a Zumba instructor at Sentara RMH Wellness Center, leads a group of hospital staff dancing to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Employees celebrated the donation of more than $98,000 to the Employee Gifts Campaign. (Photo by Bryan Gilkerson / DN-R)

HARRISONBURG — If there were any “despicable” minions plotting nefarious plots lurking about, they were out of sight at Sentara RMH Medical Center on Thursday.

Instead, hospital staff gathered outside to sing and dance to the popular Pharrell Williams song “Happy” to celebrate raising more than $98,000 for the RMH Foundation through the 2014 Employee Gifts Campaign.

The goal for the fundraiser had been $85,000.

“We can do a lot with this amount,” Janet Wendelken, development officer for the foundation, said at the celebration.

Employees Deanna Lam, Janet Macarthur, Neil Mowbray, Meg Robinson and Rusty Tusing led this year’s campaign, whose theme was “Giving Makes You Happy.”

The song, from the computer-animated movie “Despicable Me 2,” was accompanied by dance steps choreographed by Sara Ford Allen, a Zumba instructor at the Sentara RMH Wellness Center.

Allen energetically led the participants through the dance steps on the patio outside of the hospital café.

Staff who contributed to the Employee Gifts Campaign could focus their donations to support the hospital equipment and program fund, the Employee Relief Fund, or to support an individual department within the hospital.

A total of 739 hospital employees gave to the campaign, which ran from May 21 through June 30.

Hospital President Jim Krauss said, “This generosity shows that our Sentara RMH employees care about their patients, their co-workers, their work, and this hospital.”

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