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Brandywine Elementary Hosting Countywide Event; To Include Franklin, North Fork Schools As Well

Posted: March 26, 2014

BRANDYWINE, W.Va. — Brandywine Elementary will host the Pendleton County Elementary School Science Fair on April 5, the first such fair in years.

Participants will include the third-through-sixth-grade winners and honorable mentions from Brandywine, Franklin and North Fork elementary schools.

Registration and set up at the gymnasium will be from 8 to 9 a.m. with judging set to run from 9:15 to 11:30 a.m.

As soon as the judging is complete, the school will open the gym for public viewing.

The awards ceremony will be held at noon.

“We’re very excited,” Brandywine Principal Lincoln Propst said. “We’ve not had a countywide competition in quite awhile — maybe 10 or15 years. It will be kind of nice for the little guys to have one. It allows the students who worked hard on their projects to enhance them and compete at a county level.”

Hands-On Work ‘Beneficial’

Fourth-grade teacher Patty Sickler is organizing the event. She says the fair gives the kids a chance to learn about different scientific concepts while having fun working on a project together with their parents.

“The parents think it’s a good idea — they like working with their children and they like to see the children discovering new things,” Sickler said.

Amy Batson, parent of twin fifth-graders Brock and Colton, said she helps her boys but only to a point.

“I try to make it as much their work as possible,” Batson explained. “I type their reports. The hardest thing I have to do is not correct things such as their grammar; it’s written in their own words. It can be challenging if the children aren’t into doing a project, but I think it’s beneficial for them to learn the process.”

Working To ‘Refine’ Projects

The elementary schools rotate each year between a science and social studies fair.

The judges in this year’s fair at Brandywine made suggestions as to how each child could “refine” their project for the county event.

“We’ll be holding a workshop to help the students improve and polish their reports and their project displays,” Sickler said.

Sickler thinks children, just like adults, learn so much better with a hands-on activity.

“All of us do that,” she said. “The children do their own research, learn to write a report and explain their project to others — there’s a lot of learning of new things going on there ... much more than just sitting there reading a book. Kids like to be active.”


Brandywine Elementary winners were as follows:

GRAND PRIZE: Ryan Mitchell.

THIRD GRADE: Patrick Renowick, first place; Braden Sewell, second; Jenna Anderson, third; honorable mention, Tessa Propst.

FOURTH GRADE: Josh Parker and Trent Poling, tie for first; Emma Gibson, second; Grace Connor, third; honorable mention, Piper Cole, Gracen Epley, Shyanna Frazier, Braden McClanahan, Malachi Ours.

FIFTH GRADE: Ryan Mitchell, first; Jody Mullins, second; Allison Gregory, third; honorable mention, Brock Batson, Colton Batson, Ben Burgoyne, Hannah Koontz, John Mauzy.

SIXTH GRADE: Katie Scott, first; Stephen Godlewski, second; Javin Kuykendall, third.

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