Lakeview Clubhouse Advances

Posted: February 14, 2013

HARRISONBURG — Over the objections of nearby neighbors, Lakeview Golf Club has cleared a hurdle to building a new clubhouse and event center.

The Rockingham County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a rezoning request Wednesday by Lakeview Development Corp. to move forward with the proposal.

Neighbors had asked for restrictions on how late patrons would be served, but no such conditions were placed.

District 3 Supervisor Dee Floyd advanced the measure, which had been tabled, despite not receiving information that he previously said he wanted before making a decision, including answers to questions raised by neighbors about hours, special events and traffic.

At a previous meeting, Floyd, who represents the area and lives nearby, said he wanted Lakeview officials to outline an operations plan. But after Wednesday’s vote, Floyd said he had forgotten he had asked for the information and that he hadn’t received anything from Lakeview.

Golf course officials previously said they didn’t want rigid regulations tied to the property. David Holt, president of Lakeview Development, said the course would prefer to handle such issues as a matter of policy.

Floyd said that he and other board members thought Lakeview would handle neighbors’ concerns appropriately.

“I think it would be to their own advantage. After all, they have neighbors, and they don’t want bad publicity,” he said.

Neighbors, however, may feel differently, having dealt in the past with what they say is unresponsive management at the course.

Wednesday’s vote allows for the construction of a 12,000-square-foot building on a parcel east of Harrisonburg near Lakeview Drive and Shen Lake Drive.

Lakeview officials want to replace the course’s 28-year-old clubhouse and remove two nearby buildings.

The new facility, company officials have said, would allow Lakeview to better serve its patrons and be a better host for tournaments. In-house catering and alcoholic beverages would be available, and the facility could be rented for special occasions such as weddings.

Lakeview’s request had been tabled since the board’s Jan. 25 meeting, at which several neighbors raised concerns about traffic on Lakeview Drive and the fact that the golf course would not offer a closing time for operations at the clubhouse or curfew for special events.

Judith Rocchiccioli, who lives on Lakeview Drive, and other nearby property owners raised concerns about noise from activity at the clubhouse far into the night and about visitors getting rowdy after having a few too many drinks.

With mowing causing a ruckus early in the morning during the summer, neighbors said they would like restrictions that would guarantee them some peace.

Traffic on Lakeview Drive also was a concern, with the proposed entrance being the only one to the golf course as opposed to two now: one already on Lakeview Drive and another on Shen Lake Drive.

Lakeview is working with the Virginia Department of Transportation to determine the entrance to the facility.

Company officials proposed building the entrance on Lakeview Drive, to the chagrin of the residents who live on the road. They’d prefer to see it on Shen Lake Drive, but a representative of VDOT told supervisors Wednesday that agency staff prefers the Lakeview Drive proposal.

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