What Part Of Illegal Don't You Understand?

Posted: May 15, 2013

Katherine Sheffield is comparing apples to oranges by comparing legal immigrants with illegal immigrants (Illegal Immigrants Good For Country, May 2).

When her family immigrated to America, I assume, they followed the laws in the 1700s regarding coming to America. My family immigrated to America in the 1890s following the laws of the period. The basic problem is how these illegal aliens (not undocumented immigrants) arrived in America. Illegally.

All of the statistics cited on the economic benefit to America sound great. I guess I missed the part of my civics class that explained that laws could be ignored for the pursuit of cash.

Call it what you will, the “path to citizenship” is simply an amnesty. I feel sorry for all those fools who put out the time and effort to become Americans legally. What a waste of time.

James R. Lecomte

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