Knee-Jerk Solutions Won't Stop Massacres

Posted: January 2, 2013

A certain segment of our population that doesn’t “get it” continues to call for so-called gun legislation to reduce the amount of firearms available to “we, the people.”

They just don’t understand that the “mentally ill” who decide to use a firearm to commit felonies and create mass chaos and carnage are only using one of the many means to kill large groups of people.

Automobiles, bombs, knives, anything can be used by a person whose intent is to “kill.” And until these folks are dealt with, the carnage will continue by whatever means these “sick” people decide to use.

And now this current administration is putting together another “useless” commission, which will solve nothing. Just like the so-called “deficit reduction” committees put together with no results.

Doug Grigg

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