What Kind Of Person Runs Over A Defenseless Turtle?

Posted: January 3, 2013

This writing is prompted by an article in the DN-R (“A Game Of Squash,” Dec. 28, 2012) about a study by a Clemson University student who shares my concern about the decline of the box turtle. He conducted an experiment by putting a fake turtle in the road, and was very disturbed to observe how many motorists deliberately ran over it. I know in certain circumstances, it can’t be avoided, but to swerve, not to avoid it, but to HIT it, is reprehensible. I have respect for a species that can live 100 years or more.

Please people, stop and think before you run over a turtle just for sport. What kind of person are you?

On a related subject, please resist the urge to pick one up and make a “pet” of it.

Even if you keep it just a short time, and then take it back, and even if you put it where you found it, the creature has already been disoriented and will likely not survive.

Nell Alger

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