Harry Potter The Perfect Role Model

Posted: January 7, 2013

I wonder after reading Ms. Sharon Brunk’s criticism of Harry Potter whether she has actually read the books or seen the movies.

Even if Ms. Brunk has a problem with the story’s secularity, it is completely inaccurate to condemn the books as pushing people towards violence. Rather, Harry dislikes the use of violence. He prefers to disarm his opponents if he can, rather than causing them harm.

Harry is the perfect role model for our society. He stands up for what he believes in, against all odds, never giving up, even when everyone else has and evil appears to have won.

Ms. Brunk’s call for positive television has been answered — by the very program that she denounces. I invite Ms. Brunk and those who share her views to read all seven novels. I am sure that by the end they will find themselves rooting for Harry and his cause.

Dylan Bontrager

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