Home-Schoolers Have Right To Sports, Clubs

Posted: December 28, 2012

My three kids have been in Harrisonburg’s public schools for 12 years, but I support the inclusion of homeschoolers in extracurricular activities. If undocumented students have a right to participate, so should homeschoolers.

This is a basic human rights issue. Kids are entitled to education, and they should also be entitled to clubs and sports. Also, these activities build bridges of understanding and socialization on both sides, helping homeschoolers to transition more successfully into college.

The criticisms noted in a recent article are weak (“School Boards Still Oppose Home-School Access,” Dec. 20). Academic eligibility is easy to resolve. Just make guidelines for the schools and homeschoolers to follow. For insurance, charge them an additional small fee, or “adopt” them as students during these activities so they are covered under current policies.

As for homeschoolers taking a spot from a public school-student, all young people need the benefits of these activities. Don’t make it an “us vs. them” issue.

Let’s work for the common good.

Sam Nickels

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