Letter Wrong On Cause Of Newtown

Posted: February 6, 2013

“Sin entered the world thru Adam and death with it” (“We Must Repent Of Sin,” Jan. 29)? Newtown murderer Adam Lanza was mentally disturbed and death came with him. Now to extend this to all Adams seems to say — burn all Adams at the stake because with them comes death.

All the repenting will not stop this from happening again. No matter what you do, it shall happen again. The only force that can and should stop this is God. If God will not stop this, how then can we lowly mortals do so?

One of the murdered children was the great-granddaughter of my long ago classmate. My grandmother was born in Newtown. You will find few places on earth that have found God as Newtown had.

What did they have to repent for? Reducing magazines to three rounds or less will help minimize those killed. I’m afraid that is all we mortals can do.

Barbara Sweet
Tenth Legion

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