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Posted: April 10, 2012

Stumper columnist is a ‘nitpicker’

Ms. “Nitpicker” Jefferson,

THAT you are! Why would anyone even question what people “enjoy about this little bit of rural civility” of waving to strangers as they meet on the rural roads here in the Valley? Like the person responded (and quite well, I may add) to your query, “it’s just plain old manners.” It does not take a rocket scientist to understand this. I guess the city transplants do not comprehend what real, hospitable, neighborly, friendly behavior and commmon sense are.

In defense of the responder, I do not appreciate your sarcastic remarks, saying you would refrain from refuting their “inferred and suggested accusations.” It is quite obvious that you, Ms. Jefferson, ARE an outsider. You are welcome here as long as you do not disrupt our way of life (as simple as you may think it is), with your petty idiosyncrasies.

My question to you is...Would you rather be waved at here OR shot at where you came from? And if you truly believe (in a positive, respectable sense), that the “country wave is one of the many delights of the backroads life,” then why do you feel compelled to pick it apart and analyze it so? My advice to you is to embrace the kindness of the “country wave” that is being offered to you on your daily excursions, and return the gesture with a pure heart and open mind. Thank you!

J.M. Raines

Writer might show better manners herself


I am writing in response to the opinions expressed by last week’s reader regarding the article about the “Country Wave.”

It is obvious the writer did not understand the humor in your interpretation of drivers who wave while you are running. Instead she ignorantly jumped to the conclusion that you are “running in the road and endangering lives”. Is that part of the plain old manners that are part of her roots in the Valley?

The writer also declared that “Our Valley was a quiet, laidback area until all the northern and city people started moving in” and “That’s why their cities s - - k.” More of those plain old Valley manners, I assume. My parents taught me that s - - k is not a nice word.

Somebody needs to explain to Miss Manners that this is not “her” valley. While she and her Daddy, and her Daddy’s Daddy may have been born here, somewhere in the family tree is a transplant that came here from somewhere else.

The writer also declares that she can tell an “outsider” because they look stern and ignore her when she waves. Does she confirm this information somehow or is this just another of her many wacky generalizations?

She then admonishes you for picking things apart because the world is already a jaded place. I would say she has done more than her share of nit-picking and making the world jaded in one letter.

I have a special wave for Miss Manners.

Jim Mannion
Singers Glen

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