Local archers win at state tournament

Posted: April 24, 2012

Rick Kelly competes at the April 14 VBA Spring Classic in Singers Glen. (Photo by Lauren Jefferson)
Jacques French, of Briery Branch, finishes a round at the VBA 3-D tournament. (Photo by Lauren Jefferson)

SINGERS GLEN — More than 100 archers competed at the April 21-22 Virginia Bowhunters Association Spring Classic, a 3-D tournament hosted by the Singers Glen Bowbenders. Participants came from as far away as Kingsboro and Norfolk to shoot on the hilly wooded course, according to club president Shannon Nesselrodt.

Jeremy Dean, of Elkton, took top honors, shooting 26 bulls eyes and scoring 546 points out of a possible 600, in the most competitive division, men’s freestyle release. There were 34 participants in that division.

Regina Stroop, of Singers Glen, won her division and also recorded the second highest score of 503 among female participants.

About 15 youths competed.

Divisions are determined by sex and age, and then further divided by the type of bow, sights and how the bowstring is released.

The competition itself is set up much like golf, said Singers Glen Bowbenders president Shannon Nesselrodt. Scores are combined from two rounds of 25 targets each. Participants walk the course, stopping at each station to take one shot at a life-size target, which could be a mountain goat, alligator, bear, turkey and other animals. The longest shot on the course for male archers was a 57-yard shot at a buffalo.

At this tournament, yardage was marked, but the club hosts a fall 3-D classic where participants must guess how far away the target is.

This is the first year that VBA has held a state tournament in Rockingham County.

“There’s so many competitors that live in this area,” said Bowhunters of Rockingham president Terry Dorman. “We’ve been asking for this for a long time to be held here, because a lot of the majority of the shooters at these tournaments are from this area.”

Bowhunters of Rockingham, based in Keezletown, has more than 200 members, while the Singers Glen club has approximately 40.

VBA also hosts various other state tournaments, according to VBA Vice President Terry Ballowe, of Edinburg. In February, the state indoor shoot is held at four locations around the state; results are compiled from those regions. The state open field tournament, which operates like the spring classic but uses paper targets instead of 3-D targets, is over the Memorial Day weekend. The Fall 3-D Classic in August again uses a similar format, but the yardage to the targets is unmarked. VBA also hosts a members’ only club championship over the Labor Day weekend.

Singers Glen Bowbenders hosts a number of outdoor shoots this summer: May 5-6, June 2-3, July 7-8, August 4-5 and Sept. 15-16. For more information, call 271-2228. For more information about Virginia Bowhunters Association, visit www.virginiabowhunters.org.


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