Mayor Steps In For Town Manager

Posted: September 25, 2013


Elkton’s mayor is pulling double-duty after the town manager resigned last week at the request of council.

Kevin Fauber vacated the town’s top administrative post on Aug. 17, after council voted 5-1 to ask for his resignation the night before at its monthly meeting.


Councilman Josh Gooden was the lone dissenter.


Council members would not give details on why they asked for Fauber’s resignation, citing rules regarding closed session meetings on personnel decisions.


Mayor Roy Davis said for the mayor to inherit temporary management was “the natural thing to happen,” according to an interpretation of the town charter by Elkton’s attorney, Nathan Miller.


As town manager, Fauber, who earned roughly $50,000 a year, managed a workforce of more than 25 employees and was responsible for developing the town’s budget. Elkton’s spending plan for the current fiscal year is $5.18 million.


Council’s personnel committee began advertising for a new town manager within the last few days, Davis said. Some of the ads were submitted to statewide magazines that have not yet been published, he said.

So far, Elkton has not received any applications.


When asked to describe what council is looking for in a manager, Davis said, “one that will be with us for a while.”


Fauber, hired by the town in 2011, was Elkton’s sixth manager since 2001. Previously, he had been Strasburg’s town manager for 24 years before council dismissed him from the job in 2010.


“We would like for it to be somebody who can fit into our budget and that’s not easy,” Davis said.

But price isn’t the only requirement.


“It takes a person that can deal with a small town,” Davis said. “You’re more dealing with the public directly than some positions would have.”


Until a replacement is found, the mayor will spend much of the day at town hall, which he said isn’t a problem because he’s retired.


“I don’t plan on a big power sweep here or anything,” Davis quipped. “We’re just trying to keep the boat afloat.”


Davis’ management style has been to let the ship take its normal course while being prepared to grab the wheel if it runs into rough waters.


“Mostly, department heads are assuming responsibility,” he said. “If they have something that’s beyond their scope, then they will bring it to me.”


While the mayor expects the job may be a challenge, Elkton isn’t working on any projects other than normal operations, he said.


“Everything is kind of status quo at the moment,” he said.


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