MTC Adds A Third Year Of Engineering, Electricity Courses

Posted: February 16, 2013

HARRISONBURG — Student demand is driving the expansion of two programs at Massanutten Technical Center.
In 2013-14, students will be able to take a third section of engineering technology and electricity courses at the school, according to MTC Director Marshall Price.
“From time to time, when a program gets popular, our students want us to offer a third year in that particular program,” MTC Director Marshall Price said. “What we think is students [are] being pretty savvy. … They’ll come out with more certifications and especially more experience.”
Massanutten Technical Center, which is operated jointly by Harrisonburg City Schools and Rockingham County Schools, offers career and technical education classes to high-schoolers and adults.
Price said five students are hoping to return for the third electricity course and three will likely continue their study of engineering in the new classes.
Because engineering technology III and electricity III will be taught at the same time as the second sections of the courses, no additional costs will be incurred by the school to offer the options, according to Price.
The school also is tweaking a course for next year so it does not overlap with curriculum being offered at local high schools. Instead of a webmaster program, which Price says is available to students through high school courses, MTC will switch the course to a visual effects and 3-D animation class.
“We were kind of in competition with one another,” Price said. “We try to avoid that [so] we have decided to go into a different direction. We think that [visual effects and 3-D animation] is the future in businesses …  [and] also in medical fields.”

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