NEW: City Agencies Reviewing Tuesday Outage

Posted: August 6, 2014


Daily News-Record

HARRISONBURG — Costs for repairs from Tuesday’s power outage in Harrisonburg are “negligible,” according to the Harrisonburg Electric Commission, and the remaining question is why a backup generator failed the Public Safety Building.

A tree that hit a power line feeding HEC’s Maryland Avenue substation caused the outage. It knocked out power to about 2,800 customers, including some in the downtown area, for close to two hours early Tuesday evening, HEC General Manager Brian O’Dell said

Repairs are all but finished, and have “negligible” costs, he said.

Meanwhile, the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Communications Center had to rely on a backup to its backup plan: A generator outside of its building on North Main Street failed to work once power went out, leading to the use of a battery-powered system.

That was the first time the generator failed in the nine years of ECC being in the building, operations manager Dee Dee Sencindiver said.

It’s not believed that any emergency calls were missed despite the disruption.

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