New High School Finds Temporary Home

Expanded BRCS Sets Sights On Building New Facility

Posted: May 9, 2014

Blue Ridge Christian School’s Carolyn Paradzinski stands in one of the rooms at Dayton United Methodist Church, where BRCS will begin offering high school classes until a new school can be built. (Photos by Nikki Fox / DN-R)
The activity area in Dayton United Methodist Church will serve as Blue Ridge Christian School high school gym, theater and cafeteria for a few years, until BRCS builds its own facility for high-schoolers.
The pavilion at Dayton United Methodist Church, where the Blue Ridge Christian School will house its new high school, overlooks Phibbs Park, which has recreation facilities.

DAYTON — Blue Ridge Christian School has found a temporary location for its new high school and will soon begin raising funds to build a new campus.

Dayton United Methodist Church will host the classes to start, but administrators hope the first high school class will graduate in 2018 from a brand-new building.

The private nondenominational Christian  school is leasing space from the church on a year-by-year basis until more concrete plans are made. BRCS has received the biggest donation in its history to start building a high school and, subsequently, a new building for its elementary school, according to Development Director Carolyn Paradzinski.

Paradzinski did not say how large the donation was.

The school has not yet determined exactly how much money it will need for the project, but expects to do so within the next few months.

“The community really wants this to happen,” Paradzinski said.

Fourteen ninth-graders are signed up for the fall so far, but that number could grow as there is no enrollment deadline.

“That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s good for a private school,” Paradzinski said.

In spite of the small numbers, the school will offer different levels of instruction for math, as well as Advanced Placement and dual-enrollment courses. Teachers will use mobile smartboards in the temporary classrooms.

The church hall has one large room, which also will serve as a gym, theater and cafeteria, and several smaller rooms, one of which will be split in half by a divider.

At first, there will be almost as many faculty as there are students. Some teachers will divide their time between the high school and elementary school, which is in Bridgewater, and others will work for Blue Ridge part time.

The school has received more than 100 applicants for faculty positions, Paradzinski said, and is still working on narrowing down the list.

Blue Ridge Christian School, which started in 1990, has about 175 students from pre-K through eighth grade who take classes in the former Bridgewater Elementary School.

Tuition for the high school will start at $8,000 after a $900 first-year discount, which will be applied for all four years of high school. Additional tuition discounts will be available for students who currently attend the school.

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