NEW: Somali President Visits EMU

Posted: August 7, 2014

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud embraces Kaltuma Noorow, a 23-year-old junior at Eastern Mennonite University originally from Kenya, while visiting the Harrisonburg college Thursday afternoon. He attended EMU's Summer Peacebuilidng Institute in 2001. Mohamud was in the United States for President Obama's summit for African leaders. (Nikki Fox/Daily News-Record)


HARRISONBURG - The Somali president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, visited Eastern Mennonite University today while in the United States for President Barack Obama’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.

Mohamud attended EMU’s Summer Peacebuilding Institute in 2001, long before he became president. He was elected in 2012.

Mohamud met with a group of EMU faculty and staff to learn more about the university’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding. He offered his own ideas on how the university can continue to assist with peacebuilding efforts in Somalia, specifically inviting the university to play a bigger role.

EMU has “life-saving” tools, he said, not on an individual level, but on a level to make serious, positive change throughout the nation.

Mohamud is believed to be the only African leader who took advantage of Obama’s offer to travel anywhere in the United States during their visits.

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