No Forcing Religion On Others

Posted: January 21, 2013

Bible study and prayers in schools can be complicated. It’s hard to satisfy everyone without infringing on someone’s rights or beliefs. Public schools should be neutral. No one should be forced to learn or participate in a religious activity (like evolution) they do or don’t believe in.

For instance, Jewish parents would not want their children to be taught about Jesus. Protestants would not want to read out of the Koran. Some others would not be comfortable reading “The Book of Mormon.”

What would we teach about the three major days of worship? Friday, Saturday or Sunday? Which religion is correct? Everyone believes theirs is the correct one.

In America, because we have religious freedom, each church has the right to establish its own schools and teach what it believes.

As long as we have tests, someone said, we will have prayers in school.

S.R. Callahan

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